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 Published: Friday, 29 May 2015 11:56
March 2017

“As a guest speaker at this club (March 29th, 2017) I must say that I had a great time at St.Vladimir Toastmasters. The members there were very supportive, of my participation and also gave me constructive suggestions about my speech. The members were very well spoken, but never did I feel out of place with this group I just met. I felt quite welcome. Overall, if you are looking to improve your public speaking skills, guest speak at a club, or see how a public speaking group operates, I strongly recommend St. Vladimir Toastmasters club!”


I want to let you know how very much I appreciated the excellent support from District 60 at the Clarington Toastmasters Club Open House this morning. As you know, the Members of this Club have been questioning its future of late, and so it was very meaningful for the Members to see such a strong show of support from Pauline Hoskins, Valerie Campbell, and Mandy Robinson this morning.
I know they all traveled from long distances, and had to be up and on the road very early (before 6 am I suspect). Their efforts went above and beyond the call of duty and really helped show the Clarington Members that the District 60 leadership cares and wants them to succeed.
…… the current members seemed more energized and hopefully they will feel more confident about spreading the word about Toastmasters in their own circles and will start bringing guests to meetings. (P.S. Thank you Johanne for the goodies you provided to help in our future Club-building efforts.)
In closing, I want to sincerely thank you again … Pauline, Valerie and Mandy … for taking the time to come to our Open House. Your servant leadership efforts are greatly appreciated. Kind regards,



Hi Johanne
We met briefly at my Club, Aspire Higher, at Fairview Library, when we had our Club Contest.
The purpose of this email is to thank you for everything that you do to help your fellow Toastmasters.
Once again, I witnessed you speak the other night. You are such an incredible example of an outstanding communicator and leader! And, let’s not forget that Hollywood Smile!



Hi Glow:
There is one word servant leaders in Toastmasters understands. “Absolutely”
We’ll pass on the information to Kristine.

Moreover, thank you for all your help in getting me through the contest. Your leadership and participation was duly recorded in my HPL manual.

WOW! What a night! It was an amazing experience. I refuse to accept any recognition for achievement. I want all parties on the email thread to recognize DIANNE BIGGAM for outstanding servant leadership in Toastmasters. AMEN.



Just wanted to thank district leaders for their ongoing presence and support of Clarington TM’s 🙂 it IS making a huge impression and very encouraging for them! I see the benefits now of an Area Gov report.



I thought I would take a brief moment to express the exceptional leadership of two members on your district team – Gloria Mungo, Division G Governor and Adrian Desir, Area Governor 62.

On Tuesday, October 28, I was invited to participate as a volunteer in the Division G Contest and from the time I entered the meeting doors until I left, I have to say it was one of the best orchestrated division contests – I’ve attended. I believe it was because of their communication and leadership skills that my experience was great.

Therefore, I want to let you both know how grateful I am to know that we have these two influential leaders – Gloria and Adrian – in District 60.

Allan and Elton, in my opinion, these are two of your best leaders and it was a pleasure being a part of their division contest team – even if it was for a moment.

Also, it’s nice to witness a leader like Gloria who certainly does live out her vision by her actions, as she stated “my vision is to harness the wealth of leadership and creativity that I know exists within our division so that we all benefit and grow exponentially.”

Gloria and Adrian, thank you for demonstrating such strong leadership and communication skills.




As you may know, I’m the coach for the Project Management TM club, and I have held this position since July 2013. In that time there has been significant change in leadership and membership in this club, and essentially the folks who currently operate the club have successfully started many things from scratch, such as by finding a new room at Metro Hall, bringing the financial records up to speed, getting a club banner (thanks Allan!) and many other things. I credit Rod Chambers and Jane Taylor in particular for this, but there are many others. I also think Elton did a great moments of truth with the club in 2013, Gord Venner worked diligently to help in 2013-14, and Tim Giguere also lent a hand, and this is appreciated. Johanne VZ ( our own CBM) was also a great advisor to me personally and also posted key events on the District Calendar.

Now, the club has achieved several points, and will definitely be distinguished or better as long as the membership is high enough. They have done a great job with this and as a district I would like it if we can help them out to ensure the membership is high enough.

All the best,

Sanjay Coelho, ALB, ACB
Area 3 Gov and Club Coach, PMTMC


Hi Johanne,

Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Thanks again for helping out Transamerica and coming to the Area 13 social. This brought them back from the brink and now they are looking forward to future events. You really helped save the club!

See you soon.


Hi kelvin,

Thank you so much for giving me so much details about my son’s performance on this Tuesday. I have let him read your email already.

I appreciate the effort you made for helping him get improved on public speech. I come from China. What you did made me feel that how lucky my son is, because he met such a wonderful teacher. In China, we believe that teachers are engineers of people’s soul. Through your course, My son will get confidence, get over the fear of public speech and learn the skills of leadership. You are excellent !

He is in the time of teenagers. It is not easy for him. Thank you so much for your kind support to let him be the best of himself.

All the Best!

Best Regards


Thank you Kelvin.. I’ve seen the feedback from everyone and it’s great!
Isaac is really enjoying the workshops and the group itself!
That’s the goal! To at least overcome his shyness.
Thank you for what you are doing and most importantly for your time. Please extend the same appreciation to all the volunteers.

At first I thought he will be intimidated or overwhelmed but the last few weeks Isaac’s been telling me how he likes the group so much.When I asked why. .. he said all of you are crazy! (in a good way :))…
Again, Thank you to ask the volunteers taking the time away from their family to help make a difference in the lives of our children. You are all helping them come out of their shell!