Corporate/Specialty Clubs

Corporate Clubs

A growing number of Canada’s top employers offer in-house Toastmasters clubs to help employees become better communicators and leaders.

During the past year, more than 1000 new corporate Toastmasters clubs were chartered worldwide.

Toastmasters’ communication and leadership teaches employees how to:

  • Conduct effective meetings
  • Practice time management
  • Enhance listening skills
  • Sharpen presentation skills
  • Boost team collaboration
  • Guide successful teams

In the age of texting, email and social media, strong communication skills remain highly prized by employers, which makes Toastmasters’ experiential learning program all the more valuable; it helps employees become better speakers and leaders.

Forming a corporate Toastmasters club is an effective and inexpensive way to develop, enhance and retain employees. District 60 is experiencing record growth in corporate clubs with more than 60 per cent of clubs having some corporate affiliation. That trend is expected to continue as the skills the Toastmasters program teaches are always in demand in the marketplace.

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Advanced Clubs

District 60 includes several advanced clubs for experienced Toastmasters. Many have membership prerequisites. Advanced clubs offer more in-depth feedback and speech and project evaluation than regular clubs. Our Advanced clubs include:

Specialty Clubs

Language-specific Clubs