Pathways Learning Experience

Reach your personal and professional goals through Pathways, Toastmasters new education program. Build the real-world skills you’re looking for with a user-friendly online learning experience you can customize to fit your needs:

About Pathways
  • A self-paced learning program that focuses on building professional skills
  • Features 10 dynamic learning paths made up of 60 projects
  • Projects include over 300 transferable competencies
  • Employees learn how to negotiate, network, lead meetings and more
  • Resources and projects are conveniently accessible online
Benefit your company
  • Foster career advancement
  • Augment existing training programs
  • Encourage employee retention
Compared to seminars
  • Meetings can be held on-site or locally
  • Learning is ongoing instead of a limited event
  • Inexpensive startup cost and membership fees
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Download the Pathways handbook or email

Download the abridged Pathways paths and core competencies.

Download the detailed Pathways syllabus.

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