The Ice Breaker

In your first speech project, you introduce yourself to your fellow club members and tell them some information about your background, interests and goals. Practice giving your speech to friends or family members, and try to make eye contact with your audience. and control any nervousness. You may use notes during your speech if you wish.

Download the Ice Breaker project from the manual free here:

Advanced Communication Track

The Advanced Communication manuals train you for different speaking situations that Toastmasters can encounter outside the club environment.

There are 15 Advanced Communication manuals each of which includes five speech projects.

The individual projects focus on a single, specific aspect to help Toastmasters improve their communication skills in a particular area.

Competent Communicator

Advanced Manual Titles
Below you will find a list of links to advanced manuals:

The Manuals

Better Speaker Series [Buy the set/ see details]
The Better Speaker Series is a set of educational speeches on speaking-related topics. This program is usually presented during a club meeting. Included in the program are a script outlining the workshop and a PowerPoint presentation on CD.The 10 manuals are:

  • Beginning Your Speech – Suggestions for starting your speech effectively.
  • Concluding Your Speech – Tips for ending your speech with power.
  • Controlling Your Fear – Techniques for overcoming nervousness when speaking.
  • Impromptu Speaking – Techniques for overcoming nervousness when speaking.
  • Selecting Your Topic – Running out of speech ideas? Here’s how to develop new ones.
  • Know Your Audience – If you can relate to your audience, they will relate to you.
  • Organizing Your Speech – Once you know what to say, consider next the when and the how.
  • Creating An Introduction – Great introductions should precede great speeches.
  • Preparation And Practice – Techniques for preparing and rehearsing your next speech.
  • Using Body Language – Techniques that will help speakers add impact to their speeches.

Presentation of a Better Speaker Series module can help fulfill one of the requirements for Advanced Communicator Silver award.

Success/Communication Programs
The Success/Communication Program is comprised of several modular programs designed to offer a higher, more comprehensive level of training for developing and improving communication skills. Each program is conducted as a workshop of one or more sessions. Every program includes a script and instructions for presenting the program.

Club Officer Training Guides РDeveloped by District 60

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