Are you a graphic designer?  No worries, you don’t need to be one in order to create some beautiful posters to use on the web or in print.  Canva is a free tool and together we’re going to learn the basics so we can leverage its power for our campaigns. This came just in time for […]

Learn three things that will make you a better Negotiator! Negotiating is a skill needed at work, at home and among friends. It is unavoidable. Our facilitator David Bachan, Distinguish Toastmaster, will provide three keys to becoming an excellent negotiator. From this workshop, you will learn: That it is possible for parties on both sides of the […]

Are you ready to take your speaking success to the next level? You can learn to create inspiring workshop training.  Apply your existing skills to develop your own training sessions.  Learn to engage participants in thought provoking activities that encourage their desire to learn from you. Prepare now to become a facilitator for future training […]

Creatively  Speaking Toastmasters presents- Know  Your Audience –  A Workshop:   Facilitator Carrie Webster, DTM   will  teach you how to tailor  your  presentation to  your  audience  and  what to present based on  who will be  in  the  audience. Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022 from 6:00  to  7:30pm      Register: But  wait….there’s more!  The  first 6 […]