This workshop will focus on the how-to of marking projects and levels as complete, and on entering meeting roles, allowing members to mark Level 3 as complete!   Come and expand your Pathways knowledge with Dan White and Julie Gil in this visual and interactive workshop.   Register here: Register in advance for this meeting: […]

With the recent increase of digital meetings in our lives, it’s becoming more and more important to have a good understanding of how to run an online meeting.   Join District 60’s Zoom Chair to learn about being a superhero, a Zoom Master!   Register here:

Ever feel there is more to Pathways than you are aware of?  Ever get asked a Pathways question from a fellow member and you wished you knew the answer?  Or are you looking to better navigate and pursue your educational Path? Attend this workshop and learn how to: quickly understand the offerings of Pathways confidently […]

Train the Trainer is back for Session 2 – join us and learn about facilitating an informative and effective club officer training session as (most) leaders move into the second half of their term.   Register here: