Club Growth Director – Dawn Frail, DTM


“If your actions inspire others to DREAM more, LEARN more, DO more and BECOME more, you are a leader.”
– John Quincy Adams

My vision for District 60 is that we once again, take our place as a “leader” on the world stage.   To accomplish this, we need to grow stronger in both clubs and in members.  That is my job this year… to drive both of these objectives.  I’m looking for double-digit growth, and it will take all of us to make it happen.

DREAM more:

As a District, we need a new approach to what’s possible.  Sadly, the past 2 years actually showed a decline in clubs and memberships. So our District is ripe with opportunity.  New members and new places are just waiting for us, and we are committed to building strong, sustainable clubs. Corporate clubs need internal champions who understand the exceptional value of the TM experience, and community clubs must be seen as a valuable asset to their local community.

LEARN more:

This vision will require a strong leadership team.  The D60 Marketing team consists of 3 incredible women who will lead the key teams to help the District achieve its goals.  Marilyn Latchford is the Club Extension Chair and will help start new clubs and lead the Club Sponsors team.  Daniele Thibodeau is the Club Quality Chair and she will lead the Club Mentors team. Michelle Warren is the Club Retention Chair and she will lead the Club Coach team. As part of these teams we need Marketing Ambassadors from all around the District.  One or two in each Division will help the Division and Area Directors accomplish their goals.  This is our leadership pipeline.  These are the future leaders of our District who are learning and growing as leaders today.  We’d love for you to join our team.

DO more:

As the CGD, I plan to lead by example and to reach success by executing on a well-defined plan.  I will make more phone calls, visit more clubs, attend more kickoffs and document more processes.  This is my personal commitment.  I urge you to join me if your schedule permits.

BECOME more:

We become more when we help others become more.  How do we help others become more? By doing the things that help clubs become Distinguished.  You might be wondering if we should be so focused on the “numbers” or constantly looking at the DCP.  Well, my answer is, YES, we should.  We know clubs are strong when they get new members who are engaged in the education program and are reaching their goals.  When clubs are well run and members get a quality experience, they stay.  In my case, I’m still here after 26 years and I’m still getting great value from this organization.

If OUR actions inspire others, then WE are leaders.  Join us on our quest.

P.S.  If you know of a company or community that might be a good spot for a club, let us know by filling out the New Club Referral Form.  If you would like to volunteer for club Sponsor, Mentor, Coach or Advocate, you can use the same form. Email it me at and earn your SMARTIES (Someone Marketing And Recruiting Toastmasters).