Club Growth Director – Dawn Frail, DTM

“If your actions inspire others to DREAM more, LEARN more, DO more and BECOME more, you are a leader.”
– John Quincy Adams

Committee Member? Consider it for an HPL Project

High Performance Leadership features five projects offering instruction and practice in such vital leadership areas as developing a vision, goal-setting and planning, developing plans and strategies, and team-building. It also gives you feedback on your leadership skills. The program may be completed within your Toastmasters club, area or district, and even within your company or community.

The High Performance Leadership (HPL) project is a criterion for the Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) award. In Pathways Level 5 projects, the HPL project is a criterion for 3 pathways: (1) Effective Coaching, (2) Innovative Planning and (3) Persuasive Influence and an elective to the rest of Pathways Level 5 projects (7 Pathways).

What opportunities exist at the District level to complete an HPL project? As Club Growth Director, there are several committees that need your help and could be excellent candidates for HPL assignments. Some possibilities are:

  • Club Extension Committee: generating, managing and tracking leads in all Divisions
  • Club Sponsor Committee: recruiting, training and tracking new club Sponsors for clubs in the midst of the chartering process
  • Club Mentor Committee: recruiting, training and tracking new club Mentors for newly chartered clubs
  • Club Coach Committee: recruiting and training club Coaches to help them develop action plans to aid their assigned clubs

Are you interested in taking on a critical role that helps in the success of your District? Let me know you’re interested and we can have a conversation about best fit for your particular skillset, interests and goals.

Sponsor – Mentor – Coach – Advocate

Ever wonder what the difference is between all these roles?  This 16 minute video walks you through the differences and some of the expectations for each educational opportunity.

Are you already a Club Coach, or thinking of taking on this role? Past Region VI Advisor, Carol Prahanski has created a fabulous video on how to do the role. Carol shares her experience as a successful Club Coach, and gives the unvarnished truth about what it takes. You can find the video on our D60 TV page in the “Liked Videos” list. Check in the comments section below the video for specific time marks.

New to the D60 Marketing Team: Ross Mackay, PID, PDG, AS, DTM


I’m pleased to welcome Ross to the District 60 Marketing team as the Club New Source Research Chair.  A long title for a very important job.  Ross will be helping the team by finding leads for new Toastmasters clubs in District 60.  Welcome to the team Ross and we look forward to learning from you as we, and the District, grow stronger together.


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