Simply the Best Video Contest

Attention videophiles!
Whip out your camera or cell phone and record a video of you describing how Toastmasters is helping you achieve your BEST as a communicator or leader.

Videos should be 1 to 2 minutes in length, much like Table Topics, and may feature an individual or group sharing your stories about achieving your BEST through the Toastmasters program, your club, a mentor or someone else who inspires you. Let your creativity, enthusiasm and pride in yourself and Toastmasters shine through.

Videos will be considered for one of four monthly best video awards: January, February, March and April.  Winning videos will be posted on District 60 website and will receive a Toastmasters branded computer messenger bag.

How to Submit your Video

Use the following naming convention: firstname-lastname-clubname

Facebook Messenger:  Email the file to Video Contest Chair Elton Brown.  Instructions on how to use Facebook Messenger:

These videos are short. They are about 3 minutes each. If you have any additional questions after watching the video, please feel free to contact Elton Brown.

2. How to send a private message using Facebook Messenger:

You may find a button/links at a different location on the page.

If you have any additional questions after watching the video, please feel free to contact Elton Brown.

3. Dropbox:  Upload your file to this Dropbox account

If you do not have a DROPBOX account, the system will ask you to create a free account.

  • Post the video on your club website or Facebook group, and share on social media. Let others know why Toastmasters is Simply the Best!
  • Contact Video Contest Chair Elton Brown if you have questions.
Video Contest Rules
  1. Only members in good standing with District 60 may participate in the video contest.
  2. Each month the winner will be selected by a committee of your peers.
  3. The final deadline for the video contest is April 14, 2018.
  4. The video must be between 1-2 minutes.
  5. Members may submit multiple entries. If you don’t win one month, keep trying, even resubmitting earlier entries.
  6. Members and clubs may only win once during the video contest.


Video Workshop

Take time to watch the attached video from Inspiring Voices member and professional videographer Jon Forde on creating a video. Pay special attention to the recommendation to avoid filming vertically (advance to the 9:00 minute mark).

We want you to feel comfortable using your camera to create a video! On Monday, February 26 @6:00 PM we are holding a video workshop at Metro Hall, 3rd room 308. To register, please use the following link: