Kaizen – Continuous Improvement, a Japanese Way to Improve Processes

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Learn how to improve your professional and personal success. With this workshop participants will: 1) be able to identify future steps to improve or increase the success of their personnel and business goals; 2) learn and understand the KAIZEN Methodology; 3) increase job success; 4) increase customer satisfaction, and; 5) learn what how to influence one’s career in positive ways. Find out how to apply KAIZEN in your everyday life. No matter what you do, success is guaranteed.

Azhar Khan: Corporate Trainer and Coach, and Kaizen Coach since 2001:
– Conducted 50+ workshops on Kaizen & Communication Skills for Corporations, Toastmasters, Youth Workshops, Community Workshops and Youth Leadership Programs since 2010
– Implemented Kaizen Methodology in many corporations including Toyota, Amazon, Chrysler
– Coached Kaizen Methodology as Consultant on Toyota Corporation

Speech Building

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This workshop is a hands-on training session teaching members how to develop an idea for a speech, flesh it out and be ready to present at their next meeting, all within 30 minutes. By the end of this session, participants will have completed the outline for their next speech!

Cate Posner, DL3, MS Proficient: At the urging of her manager, Cate Posner, a Senior Compliance Analyst at Foresters Financial, checked out Toastmasters and has never looked back. Cate has been a club officer trainer, competed in Division level speech and evaluation contests, been a target speaker at other clubs and in her community, facilitated Speechcraft and Youth Leadership programs, become a conference anthem singer, and last year, was an Area Director. After participating in a “Train the Trainer” district workshop by Roman Smolak, Cate turned her attention to being a workshop presenter. Last summer Cate and her team of facilitators hit the jackpot by developing a workshop that cracks the speech development dilemma felt by many. 

Power of Networking & Relationship Building

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In North America, Networking & Relationship Building plays a very important role. Most of the work is done by Trust & with Relationship. Even for jobs, 80% of the jobs are in the hidden job market. However, doing effective networking & building an effective relationship is a skill, which many people are not aware of. It can be learned through some simple steps.

Dinesh Sharma: Considered one of the biggest Relationship Builders in the industry, is an Author / Speaker & Inspirational HR Leader with more than 25 years of global HR experience in North America & India. He is a Relationship Builder and a Change Agent, and one of Dinesh’s benchmarks of success is his community work. Dinesh has organized more than 15 webinars to help new Canadians learn the skills necessary to successfully integrate into Canadian culture and build their career in Canada. The webinars have been attended by 700+ session attendees, and recently one of his companies was awarded a community service award by the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC).

Do Less, Accomplish More, Make a Difference!

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Want to do less, accomplish more and make a difference? We’ll give you the power, voice, and tools to:
1. sculpt work relationships with your manager and colleagues producing outstanding outcomes
2. love your work and who you do it with
3. collaborate more effectively and impact those you work with

George Anastasopoulos, EC4: George makes a difference with people who want to make a difference. His clients become influential leaders, perform at their best, build championship teams, produce superior results, and reach their goals; because he helps them do less, accomplish more and make a difference. George has taught at the University of Toronto and Schulich Executive Education Centre, is an ACC credentialed Coach with the International Coach Federation, a Certified Sales Leader with the Canadian Professional Sales Association, a Certified Analyst with Thomas International on a variety of assessment tools, and a veteran business operator with a 20-year corporate career in senior sales, marketing and general management roles. Most of George’s clients are senior managers, executives and business owners across a variety of industries.

George brings fun, flare, and passion as a storyteller with poignant insights, and anecdotes.

Managing Your Mental Health and Developing Mental Vitality During COVID-19!

COVID-19 has disrupted our lives and placed significant demands on our mental health. In this session on building Mental Vitality, you will learn powerful techniques on how to increase your self-awareness and improve your self-care. Participants will learn easy to implement self-management strategies such as Personal Upgrading, Instant Emotional Intelligence, and the “I AM WISZER” approach to life.

Glen Matadeen, DTM: Over the past 25 years, as a University Educator and now Corporate Educator, Glen has educated 1000s of people from more than 135 countries. He has presented over 1700 sessions and currently facilitates webinars on mental health for organizations across North America and around the world. In early 2020, he joined Advanced 60 Toastmasters, and recently presented a keynote on mental health for the fall 2020 HR Forum, held at McMaster University.

Plan an Effective Virtual Meeting

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Attendees learn to plan an effective virtual business meeting that accomplishes goals using participant’s time and energy effectively. Steps include meeting preparation with an agenda, conducting a meeting, and preparing meeting notes after the meeting.

Justin Edenbaum, DTM: Justin Edenbaum has been an engineer and toastmaster for 20 years. As an engineer, he has attended many meetings. Out of total frustration from sitting or leading through too many boring meetings that lacked purpose and direction, he undertook the challenge to research how to conduct meetings properly. A workshop incorporating this research, “Lead Productive Business Meetings,” has been presented 15 times at multiple Toastmaster events, RBC, Professional Engineers Ontario, and Apotex. Then COVID hit. Justin went back to research best-practices for virtual meetings. While the same fundamentals still apply, this workshop incorporates tips and tools for “Planning an effective virtual meeting”. Note: This workshop focuses on business meetings, not club meetings for Toastmasters.

Speechcraft – Is it Right For You?

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This session provides detailed information about the Speechcraft program for members seeking their DTM and for club executive members seeking to increase club membership. Speechcraft Coordinators planning to deliver the program will learn about program delivery in the virtual training environment using a Quick Start Guide for immediate implementation.

Karen Ryan, DTM: Co-Chair of the District 60 Speechcraft Program, Karen is a member of the TGIF Advanced Toastmasters Club and has been a member of Toastmasters since 2005. She is passionate about how Toastmasters can contribute to the community and was a Youth Leadership Program Coordinator of 2 programs, 2016 & 2017, in Mississauga. With this workshop, Karen will help you discover if the Speechcraft program is right for you, and will introduce details about the program for Speechcraft Coordinators and Club Executives.

Your Best Interview: How Storytelling Techniques Can Make You the #1 Candidate

What is the successful narrative for a promotion or new employment opportunity? Participants will learn how to present professional assets and personal attributes in an informative story that meets the three criteria on every employer’s list.

Marenca Kherani, DTM: Founder and President of an executive search firm, Marenca has coached hundreds of clients for job interviews in the areas of senior management, human resources, finance, law, information technology, marketing and sales. Recognized by National Personnel Associates (a global network of over 200 firms): ‘Hall of Fame’, Top Canadian Consultant, Three Times Quota Achiever, Regional Revenue Producer, Counseling Excellence. Marenca combines her expertise in the employment market with ten years of Toastmasters story telling experience to develop masterful, winning interview narratives.

Who is Your Audience?

When we prepare our presentations, we know what we want to say. We might even know how we will say it. But will we be effective?
To be effective, our messages must resonate with our audience.
Learn how to identify and connect with your audience to communicate clearly.

Michelle Warren, DTM: Passionately believes that if we improve our communication skills, that we are destined for career success. She combines her expertise in training, coaching, and teaching to customize and deliver specialized professional development programs, arming her clients with tools for professional advantage. Her clients include companies such as TD Bank and she is currently a lecturer at George Brown College specialising in communication and the art of thinking. 

Micro Storytelling for Effective Virtual Training

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Learn proven techniques for delivering engaging virtual training sessions.
• What the difference is between storytelling and micro storytelling?
• How to identify the basic structure of emotionally laden stories?
• How to use micro stories to create effective interaction with participants?
Adapt micro storytelling for improved facilitation and learning outcomes.

Roman Smolak, DTM: Sales Career: 22 years technology sales for: NCR, 3COM, Hummingbird and OpenText. As a professional sales executive, Roman made cold calls, delivered elevator pitches, and closed sales.
Academic interest: Psychology, personal development, adult education, effective communication and sales coaching.
Developed: “Influence and Persuasion for Business” 11 week course for TDSB, Fall 2016, 2017, 2018 & Spring 2019.
Train: Interactive engaging workshops – 15+ and counting.
Deliver: Keynote speeches for clubs.
Master storyteller.

Master Your Power Tool for Success

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Only 8 to 10% of people succeed in fulfilling their dreams. Wouldn’t you like to be one of them?
Most people give up because it feels like too much effort. The truth is that they unwittingly make it hard upon themselves. But you don’t have to because you are about to discover your intrinsic ability to succeed, and uncover ways to use it to deliberately create success.
The Workshop is based on cutting-edge research in neuroscience and explains the requirements that must be met to ensure that your efforts are successful. You will learn about the three common impediments to success and how to overcome them. As a result of attending this workshop, you will become excited to release your intrinsic greatness and join the ranks of the successful.

Shubha Amba, DTM: A Psychology graduate keenly interested in the key drivers of behaviour and behaviour change, and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with her audience so as to inspire them to release their inherent greatness. Author, writer and poet, Shubha has participated in multiple anthologies. Her interests also include dabbling in art and keeping abreast of developments in neuroscience as it relates to human behaviour and change. In addition to achieving a Masters in Psychology, Shubha has a Masters in Business Administration and recently retired from a successful career in Finance at Scotiabank.

Crack Your Excellence Code: Be All You Can Be

Do you want to:
– Live a life of excellence?
– Imagine the possibilities of a limitless life?
Attend this workshop to:
– Discover the impact of excellence in all levels of your life.
– Learn techniques to master self-management.
– Craft the right strategy to achieve excellence and be unlimited.

Shukla Datta, DTM: A coach, trainer, author and a motivational speaker with over 20 years of experience in teaching, training and conducting workshops. She has a Master’s degree from Sheffield University, U.K and has taught Economics, Business Studies, and life skills. Her motivational book “LIVE LIFE LIKE NEVER BEFORE” and newly published “The MOJO of Relationships” have received enormous positive feedback from readers. As a passionate Toastmaster, she has visited TM clubs in many countries, taken roles in many TMI Conferences and has inspired toastmasters world-wide.

10 Comedy Tips to Influence Any Audience

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Become a funny, confident speaker with amazing presentation skills in front of clients, colleagues and executives!

Stephan Dyer, DTM: is a bilingual, award-winning stand up comedian with 400+ shows in 8 countries including Peru, Mexico and Malaysia. In 2017, after becoming one of the youngest senior managers at Scotiabank Toronto, he quit his lucrative bank job to pursue his professional careers in stand up comedy. Since then he’s appeared on Comedy Central, TEDx Talks, The Second City and some of the world’s biggest comedy festivals. He is also the proud co-founder of MalPensando, a Toronto-based bilingual public speaking and comedy school (English, Spanish) that has empowered thousands of professionals to become funny, confident speakers. Stehpan has taught hundreds of workshops in 5 countries with extraordinary results.