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Truly hybrid experience with in-person and online options! 

Keynote Speaker - Ramona J Smith - 2018 World Champion of Public Speaking

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Chart Your Future

Welcome to the District 60 Annual Conference 2023

Conference Chair, Carrie Webster welcomes you to Chart Your Future through:

- Networking Opportunities
- Championship Speeches
- Keynote Speeches
- Education Sessions & Workshops
- Delicious Food and Fun


Thursday May 11

Half day event on the evening of May 11, 2023

  • Registration Desk Opens 5:30pm
  • Opening Ceremony 6:00pm
  • Educational Session – See Clearly, Think Differently, Reach Your Best Future –  George Anastasopoulos 6:10pm
  • BREAK 
  • District Evaluation Contest 7:25pm
  • District Table Topics Contest 8:30pm
  • Announcement of Contest Winners 9:30pm

Saturday May 13

  • Breakfast and Networking 7:30am
  • Opening Ceremony and Parade of Banners 8:30am
  • Charting My Future-1 9:10am
  • Celebration of Achievements (Educational Awards) 9:20am
  • Networking Break with Refreshments 9:50am
  • Charting My Future-2 10:10am
  • Inspiring keynote speaker – 2018 World Champion of Public Speaking, Ramona J Smith 10:20am
  • First 4 Educational Sessions of the Day 11:10am
  1. Near, Far, Wherever You Are – John Godoy
  2. Yes You Can! (And You Should!) – Darrell Cheung
  3. It’s Not What You Say, It’s The Way That You Say It – Brian Master
  4. Dishing On Diction – Janice Law


  • Lunch and Networking 12:20pm
  • Celebration of Achievements (Communication and Leadership Awards) 1:20pm
  • Charting My Future-3 1:45pm
  • District International Speech contest 2:00pm
  • Networking Break with Refreshments 3:30pm
  • Next 4 Educational Sessions of the Day 3:50pm
  1. Finding Your Toastmasters WHY – Roman Smolak
  2. SEE Your Way To Success – Shubha Amba
  3. Seven Specific Steps For Mentee Success – Michel Adedokun
  4. Your Best Self – Marenca Kherani
  • Charting My Future 4 – 5:00pm
  • George Keenan Awards – 5:10pm
  • Passing The Torch – 5:30pm
  • Conclusion – 5:50pm
  • Dinner and Networking – 6:20pm onwards

Keynote Speaker

Ramona J Smith

2018 World Champion of Public Speaking

World Champion of Public Speaking (2018) will speak about resilience, adaptability, and what it takes to succeed. Register now to be mesmerized by her ubiquitous stage presence and poised intellectual delivery of speeches. Missed her world championship speech in 2018? Watch below!


Near, Far, Wherever You Are - John Godoy

Communicate with confidence and impact, in-person and on-screen
The new hybrid work environment means we have to develop the ability to communicate effectively both in-person and on-screen.  Join this interactive session to learn the four essential strategies that will enable you to approach all your live and online interactions with confidence and impact.

Dishing On Diction - Janice Law

Cooking up analogies for interest and impact

The consummate communicator cherry-picks their words, just as a chef carefully selects ingredients for their signature dish. Learn the principles of word choice, and add interest and impact to your message by following a tried-and-true recipe to craft an analogy.

Picture of the speaker - Michel Adedokun

Seven Specific Steps For Mentee Success - Michel Adedokun

Leverage one of your most important relationships by learning how to be your mentor’s preferred mentee!

Get the most out of your mentoring relationship. Apply seven steps to maximize your learning, including setting expectations and bringing the right attitude. (Note: good for mentors as well as mentees!).                                                                                

Finding Your Toastmasters WHY - Roman Smolak

Rediscover your passion, inspire others, and change your life

Gain a new WHY passion for everything you do! Using Simon Sinek’s three step process, learn what makes a simple but inspiring WHY statement for your Toastmasters journey, unleash the power of WHY to enhance WHAT you do, and develop alternative perspectives.

Yes You Can! (And You Should!) - Darrell Cheung

Remove the barriers, discover your creativity, and chart an exciting future

We’ll examine your relationship with your story, your audience, and yourself to identify the blockages that slow down your progress, and learn how to remove them to unleash your creativity and success.  Create a toolkit to get unstuck!

Brian Master

It's Not What You Say, It's The Way That You Say It - Brian Master

How to get your ideas, themes, and content to stick with your audiences

Streamline your  speech delivery!  Guided by a facilitator  with over 50,000 hours of on-air experience and in-person hosting, you’ll learn five methods to improve your speech delivery, and be able to put your newfound skills to work…practically  overnight.

Your Best Self - Marenca Kherani

Clarify your thinking and build on your core strengths using surprising ideas from science and the wisdom traditions

Focusing on three aspects of personal fulfilment – human happiness, different ways of knowing, and coping with challenge – this session will give you a framework and provoke insights that will set you on a clearer path to realizing your talents, your blessings, and your potential.

Picture-Shubha Amba

SEE Your Way to Success - Shubha Amba

Learn a powerful visual strategy that will keep you moving towards your goals

Do your efforts to reach your goals feel like a chore? Learn how to craft a plan that is simple and fun to follow, literally SEE your plan and progress towards success, and regenerate the energy you need instead of losing it.

See Clearly, Think Differently, Reach Your Best Future

by George Anastasopoulos

Charting your future begins with YOU, the way you view and think about your work, your world, and the people in it. If you want to see more clearly and think differently so you are more confident, make better decisions, and take more effective actions towards your future, this workshop is for you.

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International Speech Contest

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Dave Bachan

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Table Topics Contest

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Evaluation Contest

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