Workshop Bureau

Workshop Bureau: A ground-breaking initiative


District 60 is blazing new ground with the creation of a Workshop Bureau where Clubs, Areas, Divisions and other Organizations can source experienced workshop presenters on a range of topics.

And this is just the beginning!

Below are 5 sections that expand on what the Workshop Bureau has to offer:



  • Message Centre – This section is where updates will be posted, special events announced and requests made to you, our District membership.
  • Workshop Library – Peruse the current available workshops. If you are interested in engaging one of them for an upcoming event, please contact Andrew Mertens (Workshop Bureau Chair) at
  • Workshop Topics – a list of topics requested by our membership, but not yet covered. Would you be interested in putting together a workshop for any of these topics or one that you are passionate about?  We would love to hear from you!
  • Workshop Evaluation – Evaluation is part of the Toastmasters experience. As good as we are at speaking and presenting, evaluations help us understand our strengths and how we can become even better in our endeavours.  If you are interested in evaluating workshops, please contact Andrew Mertens (Workshop Bureau Chair) at
  • Workshop Nursery – Interested in developing a workshop yourself? We would like to determine our membership’s interest in learning how to develop a workshop.  If you are interested in finding out what it takes to put together a workshop, please contact Andrew Mertens (Workshop Bureau Chair) at

I’m glad you dropped by.  I am always interested in what you think of the site and the concept of the Workshop Bureau.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me any time at

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Andrew Mertens (Workshop Bureau Chair)


Message Centre:

Call for Workshops!  A TLI COT and Marketing Boot Camp event will be conducted on Sat Aug 19th.  We are looking for one more workshop presenter for the following topic.  If interested, please complete this form ( Template ) and send it to  Thank you!

  • How to Attract Guests to Your Club

Interested in another topic that you would love to offer to the District?  I would like to hear from you!  Please submit your proposal (Workshop Template) to the Workshop Bureau at


Workshop Library:

Below is the current catalogue of available workshops.  This list will grow over the course of the year.  For the latest list of workshops, please revisit this site every Mon.

Workshop        –  The Art of Win-Win Negotiating
Presenter         –  David Bachan, DTM

  • Explore key points related to negotiation, encourage the use of research and empathy to understand competing view points and demonstrate effective methods of coming up with alternate solutions when negotiations come to a stand-still.
  • District 60’s 2016/17 Public Relations Manager, David is a member of the FRMT team negotiating use of domed spaces within Toronto.  As a Riverdale resident, he is negotiating with Metrolinx to add new train lines along the east-west corridor.

Workshop        –  Body is Language! It speaks Volumes!
Presenter         –  Kathryn Mackenzie, DTM

  • Do you work hard at creating compelling content and setting up solid structures for your speeches?  It’s not only What you say that matters, it is How and Where you say it that matter.  Do you realize that planning appropriate delivery techniques are also equally important?  Discover a few of the most common delivery mistakes and how to remedy or avoid them in order to connect with your audience and make your speech memorable!
  • Kathryn is a presentation skills instructor/ a certified world class speaking coach, keynote speaker, author of: Speeches That Will Leave Them Speechless.  She trains in Canada, the US and now in Malta, Europe.  A toastmaster since 2003, Kathryn is continually updating her learning of speaking by attending professional seminars and studying resources.

Workshop        –  Facilitate Business Meetings
Presenter         –  Justin M. Edenbaum, ACB ALB

  • Learn how to lead a business meeting that accomplishes goals and effectively uses participants’ time and energy; how to properly prepare for a meeting; how to facilitate a meeting; and how to prepare meeting notes.  The focus is leading a business meeting, not a Toastmasters meeting.
  • Justin is an engineer and 16-year Toastmaster.  Over the years he has attended and led many meetings.  Out of total frustration from sitting through – maybe even leading – too many boring meetings that lacked purpose and control, Justin researched how to conduct meetings properly.

Workshop        –  Five Questions
Presenter         –  Karen Goodyear, DTM

  • Learn a fool-proof method for crafting an effective introduction that immediately connects with your audience, letting them know how you qualify to speak on your subject, what they can expect to hear and what their take-away will be.
  • Karen Goodyear is a 21-year Distinguished Toastmaster veteran.  She is a dedicated servant leader who has supported clubs, areas, divisions and District 60 in numerous capacities.  Karen is an accomplished speaker, trainer and workshop presenter.  She has also had the distinct honour of being the 2016 George Keenan Award recipient.

Workshop        –  “I Love Working With You!!”  The Leadership Trinity Applied
Presenter         –  George Anastasopoulos

  • Learn crucial leadership techniques that will help your team work more effectively together.  Your team will learn, grow and perform at their best … leading to outstanding results.
  • George is a 20-year business veteran in senior sales, marketing, and general management.  His experience includes developing superior employees and empowered teams in high-profile roles with Pepsi-Cola, General Mills, and Bausch & Lomb.

Workshop        –  I Won My Club Officer Position … Now What?
Presenter         –  Allan Madonik, DTM

  • Learn the key concepts in leadership to ensure you have a great experience as a Club Officer.  We will discuss key qualities, practices and intangibles that will encourage your Club members to embrace communication both inside and outside your meeting.
  • Allan has been a Toastmaster for 14 years, serving District 60 as Area Governor, Division Governor, Public Relations Officer, Alignment Chair, Leadership Chair, and District 60 Governor.  He has also held the club officer positions of President three times, VP Education, VP Membership and Secretary.

Workshop        –  The Joy of Leadership
Presenter         –  Roman Smolak, DTM

  • Does leadership excite and scare you at the same time?  You’re not alone.  Even the best intentions face external challenge and internal resistance.  Share in a discussion about the common barriers to personal and Club achievements. Learn how to create engagement and ways to implement team-driven strategies.
  • Roman joined Toastmasters in 2006 and is the Past President of Speaking From Experience Advanced TM club.  He is an active trainer and workshop presenter.  For 22 years, Roman was an account manager selling software technology to Fortune 500 companies in Canada and the USA.

Workshop        –  Just Talk To Me – A Conversational Style of Speaking
Presenter         –  Justin M. Edenbaum, ACB ALB

  • Participants will learn a practical technique to upgrade from using a memorised script to using a conversational style of speaking.  This technique changes the way you write, practice and present a speech.  With practice, this technique can reduce preparation time, improve the quality of your speech and reduce word-for-word memorisation.
  • Justin has been a member of Toastmasters for 16 years and wants to help you learn why using a conversational style of speaking can greatly improve your speaking abilities.  He won the Division B International Speech competition in the spring of 2014.  Now, he wants to help you create better speeches.  Justin is an Engineer, so be ready for specific, detailed instructions on how to apply this new technique.

Workshop        –  Lead Well, Lead Right
Presenter         –  Shukla Datta, DTM

  • Leadership is not about you. It’s about us.  It’s about dreams and achievements.  It’s about direction and progression.  A leader must know the way, go the way and show the way.
  • Shukla is a coach, trainer and motivational speaker with over 20 years’ experience in conducting workshops in various countries.  She has authored three books, obtained a master’s degree from Sheffield University, U.K and taught Economics, Business Studies and Life Skills.

Workshop        –  The Neuroscience of Goal Achievement
Presenter         –  Ross Mackay, DTM, AS

  • Start achieving your personal, professional and Toastmasters goals today with this dramatic system that will propel you to higher levels of personal and professional accomplishment.  Ross used this system to create his own record-setting sales career and to coach others to the same level of achievement.
  • Ross is a past District Governor and past International Director.  A dedicated Toastmaster for 26 years, Ross has delivered numerous presentations at district events, conferences and training sessions, as well as at regional and international conventions.

Workshop        –  Resources for Promoting Club Events
Presenter         –  Emilio Morales, DTM

  • Discover online tools to promote important club events to maximize guest attendance.  Promote your club within your professional organization, workplace and community.
  • Emilio joined Toastmasters in the early 2000s as a University student.  He moved from Montreal 3 years ago and started a business in social media and digital marketing.  He has presented a TEDx Talk on the importance of developing human connections.

Workshop        –  Your Gift
Presenter         –  Karen Goodyear, DTM

  • Participants will gain a better understanding of how to develop the sensitivity necessary to create and deliver effective speech evaluations.  Participants will learn how to offer specifics for improvement as well as a truthful and healthy dose of encouragement, which in turn builds courage and self-esteem.
  • Karen Goodyear is a 21-year Distinguished Toastmaster veteran.  She is a dedicated servant leader who has supported clubs, areas, divisions and District 60 in numerous capacities.  Karen is an accomplished speaker, trainer and workshop presenter.  She has also had the distinct honour of being the 2016 George Keenan Award recipient.


Workshop Topics:

Members have requested workshops on the topics below.  Please consider developing one of these workshops and submitting a proposal (Workshop Template) to the Workshop Bureau at

  • Better Speaker series developed into a workshop format
  • How to judge a speech contest
  • Moments of Truth
  • Conflict resolution in a Toastmasters club
  • Creating a club success plan
  • Motivating members and recognizing their achievements
  • First impressions and converting guests to members
  • How to write a club blog
  • Social media marketing
  • Build a club mentor program
  • Planning an open house or membership drive

Have a workshop that isn’t on the list above, but is near and dear to you?  Please submit your proposal (Workshop Template) to the Workshop Bureau at