Division G

DIVISION G – Désirée Tuitt


Message from Division G Director


Welcome from the 2017-2018 Division G Director.

Division G includes 29 clubs west of Toronto. A brand new Toastmasters year has begun and the 2017-2018 leadership team of district 60 has set its focus.

It is my privilege to serve you.  My team consists of several terrific members including six 6 dynamic Area Directors, starting with Area 61 – Janet Heidker, Area 62 – Paul Nichols, Area 63 -Shirley Zhao, Area 64 – Shubha Amba, Area 65 – Angela Ho, Area 66 – Rhaquel Renee Henry.

It is our commitment to ensure every member of every club is getting what she or he joined for – overcoming fears, sharpening and gaining communication skills, receiving quality leadership training and experience.

Every Toastmasters journey begins with a single speech.  We invite you to come and visit any of the Clubs in our Division and open yourself to learning and growing opportunities.

Come and find out what Toastmasters Educational Program can do for YOU!




AREA 61 Director – Janet Heidker


It is my pleasure to serve as Area 61 Director for the coming Toastmasters year.

I welcome  you as a guest to any of my clubs, and look forward to assisting you to reach your speaking and leadership goals.

Area 61 Clubs:

Schulich Toastmasters Club | Meeting Times: Wednesday 5:30 pm

Apo – Toasters | Meeting Times: Wednesday 12:00 pm

Ecofriendly Toastmasters | Meeting Times: Bi-weekly – Tuesday 11:30 am

Connaught Speakers | Meeting Times: Wednesday 12:00 pm

CM Toastmasters | Meeting Times: Monday 4:30 pm


Area 62 Director – Paul Nichols


On behalf of all the Area 62 Toastmasters members, welcome!

As a member of Toastmasters for just over 2 years, I can attest to how transformative our educational program can be.

Whether you are looking to improve your speaking skills, build leadership skills, or simply gain confidence; you’ve come to the right place. With five fantastic clubs in our Area, I’m confident you’ll find a good match.

Please stop by one or more of our clubs, meet our members, and start your own personal Toastmasters journey!”

Area 62 Clubs:

Toasters@Lunch.CIBC Club | Meeting Times: Tuesday 12:00 pm

Bombardier Speak Easy Club | Meeting Times: Wednesday 12:05 pm

Downsview Toastmasters | Meeting Times: Wednesday 12:00 pm

Zeifmans Toastmasters Club | Meeting Times: Tuesday 12:00 pm

Junction Speakers Corner (formerly Masonic Temple) | Meeting Times: Every second Saturday 10:00 am


Area 63 Director – Shirley Zhao


It has been a wonderful journey taking Toastmaster rides with my fellow Toastmaster friends since 2013.

Nothing rewards me more than meeting great people and sharing learning experiences together.

I’m looking forward to meeting my new friends in Area 63!  Together we can build strong clubs that we all can benefit from.

Area 63 Clubs:

Toronto # 1 Toastmasters | Meeting Times: Monday 6:30 pm

Phoenix-Toronto Toastmasters | Meeting Times: Tuesday 7:00 pm

Goodyear Toastmasters | Meeting Times: Thursday 6:45 pm

In-Pace Toastmasters | Meeting Times: Every second Wednesday 12:00 pm

Speaking from Experience Advanced Toastmasters Club | Meeting Times: 1st, 3rd & 5th Wednesday 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Area 64 Director – Shubha Amba

Speech is nature’s most powerful gift to mankind to communicate with one another and bond into a beautiful community.

In my journey as Area 64 Director I endeavour to inspire my fellow Toastmasters to embrace their ability to speak like its the most natural thing in the world, and set their spirits free through this medium whether it be their communication or leadership pursuits.

A warm welcome to one and all in this journey of liberation from within. I look forward to seeing you at one of our Clubs.

Area 64 Clubs:

Humber Shores ClubMeeting Times: Wednesday 7:30 pm

High Park Speakers | Meeting Times: Thursday 6:15 pm

Toasters at ADP Club | Meeting Times: Thursday 12:00 pm

Moneris | Meeting Times: Thursday 12:00 pm

Roncesvalles Speakers Circle | Meeting Times: Tuesday 6:30 pm


Area 65 Director – Angela Ho

Welcome to Area 65!  We are home to 4 great Toastmasters clubs in the Etobicoke area.  Our clubs help individuals to become better communicators and leaders by practicing useful skills in a warm and supportive environment.  You will receive encouraging and constructive feedback to help you grow into a more confident communicator and person.  I am excited to help you to reach your potential with this amazing organization.

Find a Toastmasters club near you and see how it can help you as it has helped me!

Area 65 Clubs:

West Mall Toastmasters | 
Meeting Times: Wednesday 12:00 pm

Humber Lakeshore Toastmasters | Meeting Times: Tuesday 12:00 pm

Trader Toastmasters Club | Meeting Times: Tuesday 12:00 pm

Friends of The Lions Circle Toastmasters | Meeting Times: Sunday 1:30 pm

Area 66 Director – Rhacquel Renee Henry

Welcome to Area 66!

We welcome you will attend a meeting at one of our outstanding clubs soon.

I am looking forward to meeting you and assisting you in achieving your goals as you navigate through this amazing toastmaster journey.

Area 66 Clubs:

Humber #1 Toastmasters | Meeting Times: Thursday 4:15 pm

Solid Speakers | Meeting Times: Thursday 12:00 pm

Unleash Your Potential | Meeting Times: Monday 6:50 pm

Aecon Speaks | Meeting Times: Wednesday 12:00 pm