Division D

Division Director Michelle Spear

I’m very exciting to be supporting Division D this year.  My team of Area Directors are dedicated and motivated to ensure all clubs are Distinguished.  There will be many opportunities for the Division members to grow and take on leadership projects that are being offered through the Division.  If you are interested in doing your High Performance Leadership (HPL), please let your Area Director know as soon as possible.


Check this out!  My awesome team of Area Directors have started the year on a high note!  https://www.toastmasters60.com/club-growth-director/


Area 31 Director Tweety Chuiyi Yeun 

Area 32 Director Mohan Gunarajah

Area 33 Director Vijayaluckshmi Thayalan

Area 34 Director Tim W. Kwan  

Area 35 Director Christine Zhao