District Leaders/Officers

Trio and other District Leaders for 2017-2018

Rhonda Mauer
District Director
District Director page

Janice Howard
Program Quality Director
PQD page

Dawn Frail
Club Growth Director
CGD page


Division Directors

Victoria Nguyen
Division A Director
Division A page

Mary Szatcker
Division B Director
Division B page

Aneeta Pathak
Division C Director
Division C page

Michelle Spear
Division D Director
Division D page

Randie Jacobs, DTM
Division E page

Kesh Pathak
Division F Director
Division F page

Désirée Tuitt
Division G Director
Division G page

Wendy Zhang
Division H Director
Division H page

David Bachan
Division I Director
Division I page

Other District Executive Officers

Emilio Morales Public Relations Manager (PRM) PRM page  PRM@Toastmasters60.com
Douglas Gammage Administration Manager (AM)

Christine Scollon-Umphrey Finance Manager (FM)

FM page  FM@Toastmasters60.com
Von Zuben
Immediate Past District Director IPDD page  ipdd@toastmasters60.com

  Stephen Schroeder Area 1 Director Area1@Toastmasters60.com
Allan Madonik Area 2 Director Area2@Toastmasters60.com
  Charmaine Bryan Area 3 Director Area3@Toastmasters60.com
  Celine Cheung Area 4 Director Area4@Toastmasters60.com
  Chizuru Mitani Area 5 Director Area5@Toastmasters60.com
  Susan Ringisai Chiutsi Area 11 Director Area11@Toastmasters60.com
Devi Kumar Area 12 Director Area12@Toastmasters60.com
  Carlos Fernandez Area 13 Director Area13@Toastmasters60.com
 Area 14 Carey Huang Area 14 Director Area14@Toastmasters60.com
Gajanan Ramajeyam Area 15 Director Area15@Toastmasters60.com
  Milind Bhargava Area 21 Director Area21@Toastmasters60.com
  Jackie Chung Area 22 Director Area22@Toastmasters60.com
  Douglas Kim Area 23 Director Area23@Toastmasters60.com
Sudha Datta Area 25 Director Area25@Toastmasters60.com
Jonathan O’Brien Area 26 Director Area26@Toastmasters60.com
  Bessie Bovolaneas Area 27 Director Area27@Toastmasters60.com
Tweety Chuiyi Yeun Area 31 Director Area31@Toastmasters60.com
  Mohan Gunarajah Area 32 Director Area32@Toastmasters60.com
  Vijayaluckshmi Thayalan Area 33 Director Area33@Toastmasters60.com
  Tim W. Kwan Area 34 Director Area34@Toastmasters60.com
  Christine Zhao Area 35 Director Area35@Toastmasters60.com
  Tracey McWatt Area 41 Director Area41@Toastmasters60.com
Errol Knight Area 42 Director Area42@Toastmasters60.com
  Jay Bhimani Area 43 Director Area43@Toastmasters60.com
  Michelle Julia Kerekes Area 44 Director Area44@Toastmasters60.com
  Corey Knecht Area 45 Director Area45@Toastmasters60.com
 Mandy Robinson Area 46 Director Area46@Toastmasters60.com
  Fitz Timon Harewood Area 51 Director Area51@Toastmasters60.com
  Sunday Asha Area 52 Director Area52@Toastmasters60.com
Marilyn Barton Area 53 Director Area53@Toastmasters60.com
  Heather Haigh Area 54 Director Area54@Toastmasters60.com
  Matthew Kasujja Area 55 Director Area55@Toastmasters60.com
Elton Brown Area 56 Director Area56@Toastmasters60.com
  Janet Heidker Area 61 Director Area61@Toastmasters60.com
  Paul Nichols Area 62 Director Area62@Toastmasters60.com
  Shirley Zhao Area 63 Director Area63@Toastmasters60.com
  Shubha Amba Area 64 Director Area64@Toastmasters60.com
Angela Ho Area 65 Director Area65@Toastmasters60.com
  Rhacquel Renee Henry Area 66 Director Area66@Toastmasters60.com
  Jonathan Andrews Area 71 Director Area71@Toastmasters60.com
  Alison Knibb Area 72 Director Area72@Toastmasters60.com
  Oscar Pardo Area 73 Director Area73@Toastmasters60.com
  Rita Burke Area 74 Director Area74@Toastmasters60.com
  Kathleen Kallio Area 75 Director Area75@Toastmasters60.com
Tim Barnaby Area 81 Director Area81@Toastmasters60.com
Shalini Bhardwaj Area 82 Director Area82@Toastmasters60.com
  Bruce Richardson Area 83 Director Area83@Toastmasters60.com
Ingrid Cheung Area 84 Director Area84@Toastmasters60.com
Additional Roles
  Wendy Williams Pathways Chief Ambassador  Pathways@Toastmasters60.com
  Richard Daniel Abel Logistics Manager (LM)

John Timothy Sulisz Parliamentarian  parl@toastmasters60.com
Coordinators / Chairs
Marilyn Latchford Club Extension Chair  ClubExtension@toastmasters60.com
Club Quality Chair  ClubMentor@toastmasters60.com
David Nelson Speechcraft Chair  speechcraft@toastmasters60.com
Matthew Kleinosky Webmaster  WebMaster@Toastmasters60.com
Von Zuben
Leadership Committee Chair
(handles District officer nominations)
Sandi Robb Audit Committee Chair  audit@toastmasters60.com
Jan Heinrichs District Cartographer  maps@toastmasters60.com
  David Veights District Alignment Chair  align@toastmasters60.com
Sandi Robb Fall Showcase Chair Showcase Page  Showcase@toastmasters60.com
  Gilles Robert Spring Conference Chair 2018 Spring Conference Page  Springconference@toastmasters60.com
 YLP chair David Bachan Youth Leadership Program Chair YLP Page  YLP@Toastmasters60.com
  Karim Premji Of The Year Awards Advisor Of The Year Forms  otya@toastmasters60.com
Andrew Mertens  Workshop Bureau Chair Workshop Bureau page workshops@toastmasters60.com
Elton Brown Stage Time Chair  StageTime2 system !  StageTime@Toastmasters60.com
 Ross Mackay Club New Source Research Chair, newclubresearchchair@toastmasters60.com
  Shukla Datta Speakers Bureau Chair  SpeakersBureau@Toastmasters60.com
  Parames Misra Social Media Chair  SoMe@Toastmasters60.com